​​​​​​​Dynamic analysis of systems and vehicles often plays the intermediate role in the engineering CAE process receiving information from measurements (loads, responses, properties) and delivering information to fatigue analysis and testing. Another important role is of course to predict drivability and comfort behavior in an early stage of development.


  • Full vehicle dynamics
  • Road load data generation
  • Modeling techniques for damping and non-linearities
  • Efficient analysis process with model reduction and simulation in frequency domain
  • Prediction of noise and vibration
  • New challenges of electro-mobility


MNOISE supports the engineer in the acoustic evaluation of components based on Finite Element (FE) simulations. In the pre-processing mode MNOISE automatically generates load data tables and calls the subsequent FE analysis.


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The MAMBA software package provides a nonlinear model order reduction method for getting a streamlined simulation model which is capable of computing meaningful contact stresses over many time increments. This way the engineer is well prepared for the dynamic analysis of jointed structures.


Dynamic simulation methods are an integral part of the development process, starting from single components to the full vehicle. The interaction between various components significantly affects the dynamic and acoustic behavior of a vehicle and therefore also the driving comfort, the durability.

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