Load Data Analysis

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All about FEMFAT LAB

Signal processing and generation supports the development process in several instances like conversion of raw measurement data, generation of loads by MBS models and definition and optimization of load spectra for validation testing. Challenges are the increasingly complex vehicle control architecture and the high pressure to save cost and time on test benches.

Main Topics

  • Measurement data analysis and processing for fatigue strength
  • Analyse customer usage and simulate the usage within a reasonable time
  • Generation of load data for simulation models based on measured responses
  • Optimized test programs and test time reduction
  • MBS models verification and optimization
  • Calculation of 3D road surfaces without test track scanning

Why attend?

  • Listen to engineering experts sharing their specialist knowledge in diverse fields of simulation in vehicle development
  • Engage in discussions and exchange insights
  • Enlarge your network and build long-lasting business connections


FEMFAT LAB is the link between test track, laboratory and CAE. It's a powerful software solution to visualize and analyze large amounts of data. FEMFAT LAB analyzes time histories with millions of data points and hundreds of channels within seconds.

Testing Services

The fatigue testing services in St. Valentin offer a wide range of testing capabilities starting from small material specimen tests up to heavy duty commercial vehicle applications. Our holistic approach in terms of merging simulation & testing services allows us to gain the maximum added value for our customers.