​​​​​​​​​​​​​​VTM - Vehicle Thermal Management​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Towards an Electric Future

Thermal management simulation is essential in the development process of every vehicle. The ongoing electrification wave has increased both the necessity and the complexity of this task: More than ever do we need a comprehensive understanding of all energy flows (mechanical-, electric- and thermal-power). And as electrification spreads from passenger cars to commercial vehicles (both on- and off-highway), also the variety of thermal system architectures and use-cases increases even further.

For these simulation tasks KULI supports engineers all around the world in setting up their VTM systems and control strategies with the aim to optimize performance, comfort, and reliability of the complete vehicle. And every two years these engineers (you!) gather at our user-meeting to share their experience and knowledge. We invite you to participate, contribute and benefit!

Main Topics

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends in vehicle thermal management and learn how to simulate them effectively using KULI.
  • Engage in insightful discussions with global industry leaders and gain valuable insights into the future of thermal management technologies.
  • Connect with seasoned KULI engineers, exchange knowledge, and implement their expert tricks to enhance your future KULI models.

Why attend?

  • Expand your technical know-how
  • Listen to engineering experts sharing their specialist knowledge in diverse fields of simulation in vehicle development
  • Engage in discussions and exchange insights
  • Enlarge your network and build long-lasting business connections
  • Understand how new technologies impact thermal management and how intelligent architectures allow you to use the full potential of your vehicle
  • Learn more about new developments in simulation and about their influence on development workflows

KULI Software

Optimal and efficient use of energy at any operating point of the vehicle is of highest importance for the automotive industry. Therefore the main focus of vehicle engineers lays on the powertrain system, heating and air conditioning as well as engine cooling to ensure safe operation. The software package KULI has a long tradition in simulating and optimizing the thermal management system for automotive applications.

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VTM Services

Thermal management engineering is essential in the development process of every new vehicle. Understanding how individual components influence the overall system is necessary for an optimal design regarding energy consumption, emissions, noise, fatigue, and other parameters. At our location in St. Valentin we have experience with thermal management for more than 25 years.