VTM - Vehicle Thermal Management

Connecting the Dots


New technologies and mobility concepts are about to revolutionize the automotive industry. Particularly on component level improvements can be found in all parts of the vehicle, ranging from GaN technology and 800 V systems in power electronics to new concepts for battery cell chemistry, heat pumps, thermal storage and vapor injection compressors in the HVAC system. Software is also a major source of innovation that cannot be neglected nowadays. Just think about innovative AI-based controls or “big data” for fleet optimization.

Regardless of which new technologies are just beyond the horizon, all the individual innovation “dots” can only deliver their full potential, if they are connected in an efficient vehicle system.
We as thermal management engineers, see it as our job to understand the complete vehicle as one integrated thermal entity, to see the “big picture”… and to connect the dots.

And in the currently fast changing automotive industry this is more than ever an extremely important thing!


  • Innovative new HVAC and VTM technologies which improve vehicle efficiency and range in challenging climate conditions,
  • How coupled simulation allows input from various specialist departments for complete vehicle understanding and
  • How the newest versions of KULI can help you to streamline your workflows and actively support you with intelligent checks of your input data.

“Connecting the dots” does not only mean connecting components and systems, but also experts, departments and partner companies. Therefore, we invite you to join the ECS Simulation Conference 2021. Feel free to learn more about KULI and to improve your knowledge about Thermal Management during these two days. As participants from our last events know, enhancing interdisciplinary connections while keeping a welcoming and practically-oriented atmosphere is important to us. This event is a chance to learn and improve together, and to make the best of the dots we all encounter on a day-to-day basis.


Optimal and efficient use of energy at any operating point of the vehicle is of highest importance for the automotive industry. Therefore the main focus of vehicle engineers lays on the powertrain system, heating and air conditioning as well as engine cooling to ensure safe operation. The software package KULI has a long tradition in simulating and optimizing the thermal management system for automotive applications.


Thermal management engineering is essential in the development process of every new vehicle. Understanding how individual components influence the overall system is necessary for an optimal design regarding energy consumption, emissions, noise, fatigue, and other parameters. At our location in St. Valentin we have experience with thermal management for more than 25 years.

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Why attend?

  • Join virtually from anywhere in the world and save travel costs, time and environmental resources.
  • Expand your technical know-how while never leaving the comfort of your office/home.
  • Listen to engineering experts sharing their specialist knowledge in diverse fields of simulation in vehicle development.
  • Engage in discussions and exchange insights.
  • Enlarge your network and build long-lasting business connections.
  • Understand how new technologies impact thermal management… and how intelligent architectures allow you to use the full potential of your vehicle!
  • Learn more about new developments in simulation and about their influence on development workflows